Electricity and Brushbots for Cub Scouts

Last night I lead the Wolf and Bear dens of N’s Cub Scout pack in their activity. ┬áThe topic I chose–and this should be no surprise–was electricity.

After a number of object lessons to teach about what electricity is– charge, voltage, current, and open/closed circuits– we got to work building some of my brushbot kits.

After a bit of assistance to some, we all had our completed so we did some races and brushbot “wrestling.”

Some of the more exciting parts, for me, of the evening were seeing some of the kids get the concepts of voltage and current, having one boy explain to his peer about needing to make a break in the circuit to “turn it off,” and the suggestion by one of the boys that I should sell these. {actually, I do :) }

Here’s some video of the wrestling:



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